Catching Up and Slowing Down

It has been a chaotic week around here…homeschooling, subbing a resistance bands class, prepping for two radio interviews tomorrow on wine, meeting with a new client and cooking for another, and trying to get my house cleaned! Whew…on top of everything else, I am knee deep in the middle of my 10 day sugar/caffeine/alcohol detox…I am exhausted, well-hydrated, fighting headaches, and hangry! You don’t know how much you miss a thing, like chocolate, until you give it up for awhile.

I have been trying to make sure to slow down, however, every night by either meditating, reading, or doing some yoga nidra as I fall asleep. I wanted to point out two nifty apps I use to help with the meditation and nidra.

The first app is Calm. A wonderful little app, Calm offers a variety of different backgrounds, sounds, guided meditations, and timed meditations to help you find a moment of stillness. I find it useful when stuck in traffic (I just listen to ocean waves or rainfall), in carpool, waiting for my son to finish a class, or when I want a moment to quiet the mind and turn inward. For a fee, you unlock a whole host of guided meditations…I have not done that yet, but when they offer them for free, they are wonderful! This is my go to timer for my 6 Minute Miracle Morning.

The second app I use for nidra is Insight Timer. I prefer Jennifer Percy’s guided nidra…her voice, cadence, and gentle guidance are exactly what I need when sleep is slow in coming to me. I have yet to explore the other aspects of the app as I cannot get past this one…the very first one I tried!

I have also just finished a book on how the body holds onto trauma and how to help overcome it. Fascinating exploration that made me consider my own past “traumas” that I still hold on to today.  The second book I am still working through, as I like to apply the poses as I go along to understand what the authors are aiming for when addressing trauma.20180204_211536

Finally, what a week at work! Chaos followed by more chaos…I was bummed that someone complained that I talked too fast and looked as if I didn’t want to be there…I honestly cannot help my expressions at times and my mama has tried for 45+ years to get me to slow down my speech, so two things that just make up me.

I just wonder…who takes the time to complain about someone’s speech, facial expressions, eye contact (or lack thereof) at a free food and drink tasting? It is bizarre to me. I would never complain about the ladies at Costco handing out samples (unless one spit on my sample or complained about my #restingbitchface that seems to always get me in trouble…THEN! I might complain. Most likely, I would say something then and there, but that is just me.)

I have spent some time meditating on that complaint and that person this week, sending out positive energy to one who clearly has high expectations and demands for something offered for free, and have given myself some grace. It is just my face, after all, and there’s not much I can do about it.

Slowing down has helped the chaos…and is helping with my nerves about the radio shows tomorrow in Denver. I hope you find a moment to slow down and be still.




2 thoughts on “Catching Up and Slowing Down”

  1. Nice, this is exactly what we talked about in yoga today, Bramacharya, living in moderation and conserving energy. Finding time to find peace in your day. Thanks wineyogi 😊

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