This Week’s Schedule and Thoughts on Podcasting

My schedule this week is already crazy! Between teaching, cooking, cleaning, prepping for school, and I also found out I didn’t win the podcasting contest but will be podcasting anyway…my Pitta dosha (fire…your classic Type A) hates losing, but I know I need to be humbled to remind myself to BE humble! I had never intended to make a podcast, but I had a fun time doing it so, we will see where the LadiesChitChatClub.com takes me.

I think it is why I was blessed with a busted back…nothing reminds one to slow down like back pain. I cope with my back pain using a myriad of ways…yoga, walking, wine tasting, meditation, essential oils, Thai yoga massage, my diet…this week will make sure I am taking care of a majority of those things so that I can tackle this week with strength and HUMILITY!

Here’s this week schedule…I will be teaching several classes in addition my own, as well as guiding a wine tasting at a VIP event at The French Kitchen. Want to become a VIP? Leave a message and I will let you in on how to join that club!

Until next time, Cheers and Namasté.

the wine yogi


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