Taking a Break…Not What You May Think

After a weekend of stadium and water park food, hubs and I needed a break. A break from the wine, cheese, breads, crackers…all of it.

So, with the prompting of another friend needing a break, we decided on an impromptu cleanse day.

It hasn’t been too bad and I am already feeling better. My gut seems to be more settled and while I am hungry, my energy is higher and I don’t feel as bloated or inflamed.

We also got up, as a family, and also hit the gym. That was also not so awesome while doing it, but I felt better after. Topped off the morning with a much needed Thai Yoga Massage with Christina...it was wonderful, although even it was not so awesome while I was doing it. I felt so much better for having had that important time to tend to myself.

As I type this, I know tomorrow will be kicking thanks to this mini-cleanse…energy will be up, bloat will be down, and I will enjoy a wonderful shake to break my fast. So, what’s in my glass right now? An amazing tonic of alfalfa, aloe vera, turmeric, fennel seed, blueberries…and all kinds of goodness. So, take your break and make it your own, maybe it’s a cleanse, or perhaps skipping the second helping, or going for a jog or walk, or even just calling it an early evening with a favorite book…”you be you“…that is the best way to take care of you!



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