Turn that frown upside down…what in the world is a podcast?

Since I recently began a podcaster competition, I have started to listen to podcasts.

Maybe, like me, your engagement with podcasts had been limited to snipits of a favorite radio show (sports talk and a Southern talk show for me) but thanks to this competition, and the fact my friend had set up a podcasting platform, I began to explore more in the world of podcasting.

There is a podcast to follow about ANY subject. And, I mean ANY. I have found podcasts on middle aged video gamers, anesthesia exams, spiritual living, comedy, politics, how to lose weight by eating more…you get the idea. Podcasts are where you, the listener, choose what you listen to versus what radio programmers and gurus want you to listen to.

Radio and television have become a minefield of blithering DJs/TV personalities (I cannot listen to local radio stations anymore, especially in the morning because of this, or watch ESPN because it is no longer about sports but about the personalities…and why do they all have to stand?), political screaming heads, and music/content that is not appropriate for younger ears/eyes or even my 47 year old eyes and ears (I have often switched the radio station when driving by myself because of the ewww factor from a song, topic, or blithering DJ.)

Podcasts solve that. They allow you to select what you want to hear and when. Stuck in carpool? Listen to a favorite podcaster or tune in to a podcast on a subject that you’re interested in learning more about. Working out, but you just keep skipping to the next song because nothing works? Queue up a podcast on motivation or even one about working out. Struggling to calm down at night due to the stress of life? Bring up a podcast like this one.


Podcasts come in the free variety or the subscription kind. Listen to the free stuff and if you find something you like, I encourage you to sign up…you won’t be disappointed. It takes a small mindset adjustment, but like cutting cable, I love having control over what I listen to.


Photo Credit: https://www.barefootfive.com/

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