Cleansing, 30 Day Reset, Schedule, and Must See TV!

So, I began a 30 day cleanse yesterday and let’s be honest, Day 1 was going great until the evening. And then the hummus called to me. I demolished the entire container.

I suppose it could have been worse…it could have been ice cream. Still, disappointed in myself…so, today, I am cleansing! Yes, I periodically fast and today, and the next 3 Tuesdays, I will be doing a full nutritional cleanse…during that last week, I will be doing two days, back to back. Here’s a little summary of what I use on these days…courtesy of my friend, Tracie, from thehealingbreath.


It is a good time of the year to do this…with the changes in weather and here in Colorado, all the smoke from wild fires across the western US, I need to release the toxins that daily living brings into my body. Poor nutritional choices, eating on the go mindlessly, enjoying a little too much wine and way too much cheese…all of these things lead to increased inflammation in my joints and feeling older than I am. Okay, I am as old as I am but my mind still thinks I am in my early 30s.

There will be challenges, however. This week I have a wine tasting to do for a local television station promoting the wine store AT 6:20 IN THE MORNING! as well as attending a wine luncheon and a podcaster event…ALL ON THURSDAY! I may need to cleanse again on Friday (just kidding…but it will be a solid shake day for me!)

Here is this week’s yoga schedule.

Hope to see you around. Cheers and Namaste.




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