Labor Day Weekend Plans, #PSLs, Podcasts, Cleansing, and Gel-ing

It cannot be. It cannot already be Labor Day weekend! Pumpkin Spice Lates…are back. Tman is back in school. The leaves are starting to already turn here in Colorado…I don’t want it to be fall already (but, I am secretly thrilled as it is my favorite time of year) because I want time to slow down, not speed up like a bullet train.

This weekend, now that my crystals are charged, I plan to meditate, hike, do some cooking and fall baking, and ground myself in fall things…planting my mums, enjoying a #PSL on the front porch, take a moment to look at those turning leaves…

I am hoping my new gel will help…friends of mine are seeing some amazing changes happening in their bodies…friends like me who want to slow things down a bit. We shall see. I am on day 2. For more info on what in the world it means to be part of the #gelnation, head on over by clicking here.

One thing that has helped has been my 30 day reset. I am still down about the same amount, which isn’t too terrible as we went to Great Wolf Lodge for a quick staycation where we indulged in too much good food that isn’t good for us. I also had an amazing wine tasting class at The French Kitchen which seemed to go well for everyone who attended. I have two more, at least, scheduled in November and December which will focus on holiday pairings for your holiday table or party. Those should be a blast!

My podcast also went officially live this week. It is free this week, so please go give it a listen by clicking here…it is a focus on Italy, with some very bad Italian accents. But, hopefully, some good information on wine.

The next podcast will also be free and will cover Spanish and Portuguese wines. That should be available on Saturday (my publication days are Wednesdays and Saturdays.)

Next up will be what pairs with football and all the football goodies you find at tailgating parties or gatherings to watch a game and after that, I plan on diving into craft ales. It is FALL AFTER ALL!!!!

Schedule for this weekend:

Stretch and Strengthen



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