Letting go, first week of “gel-ing”, yet another 2 day cleanse, Kon Mari, football, and beer

Has been quite a busy weekend…sent the Tman over to Nana and Papa’s so I could cleanse, clean, and do my best attempt at Kon Mari (the art of letting go.)

Oh, how I struggle to purge the junk in my life…whether it is the toxic junk food (I really don’t have that much in the house, but I have some and certainly enjoy it when I am out on the town), or clothes I haven’t worn since 1988 (yes…I still have some of those, too), I struggle with letting go!

I can’t let go of my “to do” lists when trying to meditate. I can’t let go of that one rude comment made by some jerk. And I can’t let go of my own ongoing, negative conversation I have with myself over body image, capability, and aging. But, ohhhhh…how I try. I am now in the midst of a hot mess of a bedroom as I try to purge old books, clothes, shoes, and crap so that we have a little more room to breathe. My cleanse helped…it is easier to stay away from food when you are busy getting rid of junk you no longer need or that no longer serves you.

But. I am trying. So, there’s that. At least I got some lovely fall blends diffusing.

I have finished my first week of the gel experiment. Last night was the first time I noticed a difference…I went to sleep at 2200 and did not wake until 0630, which never happens because my bladder or my hormones (is my house one fire cause I am burning up!) will usually wake me at 0300. Always. But, not last night. I slept very deeply, too…and I woke with energy and without an alarm. Let’s hope that keeps up as I press forward. Today and tomorrow are gel free days.

I did knock out a 2 day cleanse, since I was here by myself, cleaning and catching up on laundry. Not as happy with how I did…but hey, every time I do a cleanse, I am helping myself.

Kon Mari. Ha! Not sure if I will ever have that house.

I have also been binging football talk as this weekend the NFL gears up for another season and college kicked off their season. It is almost the most wonderful time of the year!

I am in a beer mood. I just made a podcast about what to pair with football tailgating menus and now, I want a beer. So much for cleansing (but, it is temptations like this that force me to have to cleanse!)

Until next time,

Cheers (Go Broncos! Go Wolfpack! WAREAGLE!) and Namaste,


This week’s schedule…which may also wind up including some Wine Gallery time.

this week's schedule


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