Schedule for the Final Week of “Dry January”

Well, I have done it. I am about to wrap up a 30 Day Nutritional Reset where I have also completed a #yogaeverydamnday challenge! Results? My body feels better, I am more open in the hamstrings, the spine feels better, my skin looks brighter, and my energy levels are through the roof! I sleep like a baby, often through the night, which has been unusual for me as of late due to changing hormones and my husband’s work schedule. I believe it is a combo of the gel I use and my 30 days of clean eating and yoga.

I have, as of now, released 7 pounds of unwanted junk, and as I conclude this week, I hope to release one or two more, but I am satisfied with my progress. I have been using my essential oils almost daily, seeking to help boost my metabolism and decrease my junk food cravings (I have seen some improvement there, thanks Slim and Sassy!), and I have easily avoided wine and all forms of alcohol as well. Not to say there wasn’t a few meals where I thought about what wine I would pair it with but it was more of a mental exercise than wishing I had a glass…denying one’s self a favorite thing, whether it is wine, french fries, sweets, going for a long run (okay, that is pretty easy for me to do)…makes it that much better when you can once again enjoy those things. It is all about moderation, after all, and I like to knock out periodic 30 day resets to give my body a break from the rigors of my normal day to day routine. If you would like to hear more about my last 30 days, be on the look out for an upcoming podcast at Ladies Chit Chat Club.

As January comes to a close…wow! We are almost in February…already the year is flying by, I guess due to a busy schedule, but I will see as I prepare for my Lenten season electronics fast (I think giving up the little phone at my hip will be my hardest challenge yet!) Here is this week’s schedule:happy hearts day!Hope you have a wonderful week!

Cheers and Namaste,



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