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Appreciating What We Have at this Moment

So, yesterday and today is focused on helping those who maybe are struggling (donate to a local food pantry or shelter) and take a moment to appreciate what you have at this moment.

For many of us, 2020 has challenged us to reconsider those things we prioritized in our past (for example, I used to get mani/pedis every 2/4 weeks. I haven’t had either since a friend of mine was returning to work post-first lockdowns and I wanted to support her.) Others maybe sacrificed eating out or meeting for drinks either due to local government lockdowns, businesses closing, or for personal choices as a result of the Corona virus. This has presented challenges to many of us, especially the extroverts among us, who miss the community, connection, and simple in person conversations that seem foreign to us now as many states reenter lockdowns and masks curtail conversations and facial expression (very challenging to me since my mouth conveys my RBF in tandem with my eyes.)

So, yesterday and today’s challenges are perfect to remind us that regardless of where we may find ourselves at today, perhaps there are ways we can help others while realizing what many blessings we may have, even if they are not material in form. I am thankful I could be with my dad as his soul departed this world and returned home to his Savior’s kingdom. So many people this year have been denied that simple moment. I am thankful my husband has been able to continue to work (even though furloughs now loom for him as well) and that we have been able to continue to provide for our family (including our extended family.) I am thankful and really grateful for the inner voice in my head that encouraged me to prepare for the worst (in my case, inspired by growing up with wild weather and in a house with a Grandmother who lived through the Depression and Dust Bowl.) When lockdowns first occurred, I did not have to leave my house for any pantry or staple items…I had them all on hand and even shared toilet paper, distilled water, flour, yeast, salt, and sugar with family, friends, and neighbors. I have slowly resupplied those stores so that as shelves once again empty, I can avoid going to stores right now. This allows those who need to be there the space to be there while also doing my part to mitigate opportunities for all viruses rampant this time of year from spreading further.

My supplies have also allowed me to share with those less fortunate through my church. I do my best to provide canned goods as often as I can and have dropped off much needed food stuffs to help make someone’s Thanksgiving a little better.

If you cannot donate food or money, perhaps your time can provide benefit to others. If you cannot volunteer outside the home, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer from your home. Here is a great resource you can check out to explore ways you can help!

And, if it is just not happening for you this year (totes understand that, btw), perhaps just show yourself some kindness. Take five minutes, turn off the phone/tv/radio, sit quietly and close your eyes and breathe. Perhaps take a moment in prayer or meditation or just sit still and quiet and listen to your breath. Visualize a happy moment or favorite space. Embrace that sense of peace, even if it is fleeting. If that is too much, perhaps take a quick walk outside and enjoy fresh air and nature. Be kind with yourself, be gentle with the feelings that may be rising up during the holidays, and if you realize you to need to connect, reach out to family and/or friends. If you still can’t shake those blues, maybe take a moment to connect with experts who can help you navigate the emotions and feelings you may be grappling with…remember, you are not alone!

In love and light,



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