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Mocktails and Keto Crackers: The Wine Yogi’s Journey to Dry January

If you are anything like me, 2020 was a struggle when it came to enjoying wine, frequently, and finding some comfort in food (I managed to hold off gaining weight as a result of the lockdowns, shutdowns, mask mandates, and news of the day until my dad passed.)

So, I decided to set several intentions for me in 2021, one of which applies directly to my health. I could not continue to inhale all the Cheese-Its, baguettes, and triple cream brie cheeses (washed down with wine or beer from a local brew pub.) So, in order to improve my health, I dedicated myself to #DryJanuary as well as a 10 elimination diet which will roll into a 21 day bone broth diet (I will consume more than bone broth, but will continue to eliminate dairy, grains, and processed foods.) Thus far, 11 days in, I have released 5 pounds. I had set a goal to lose 20 pounds in 20 weeks and I understand that what I have released is merely water retention (I am WAAAAY less bloated now.) I am also doing #yogaeverydamnday again and joined a specific program to deepen my practice as well. I am following Yoga with Adrienne: Breathe, which is great for those new to the practice or who have limited time. I am also now going through Janet Stone’s 40 Day Begin Again Sadhana Practice.

Now, I am happy to report, #DryJanuary is a breeze. I like to do this…go without wine, beer, or alcohol for 30 days just to make sure I am in charge of the wine and it is not in charge of me. While the first few days is always a “sigh, that would be good with a Cab Franc,” I am not tempted nor really missing my glass of wine with dinner. This is very important for me…as I have alcoholism and addiction in my extended family…so, I like to take frequent breaks from this aspect of my professional life.

But, I do have a confession…while wine is not on my most missed list, sugar sure is. I miss having my foo-foo coffee (and as I type this, I miss my coffee!) Sugar is hidden in EVERYTHING and until you basically eliminate it via a Keto or Low Carb (Whole 30) diet, or even just reduce your intake to a few small pieces of fruit per day, you may not even know how addicted your body is to sugar. I have run the gambit of sugar detoxing…I took 2 naps yesterday, I thought I might have had the ‘Rona last night because I felt so bleh (I don’t, by the way), and my temper (the first few days) was front and center. I had a mild headache yesterday but that has thankfully passed. But, I am SLEEPING like nobody’s business and my energy levels, when not napping, are pretty amazing. Our bodies can heal ourselves…if we just get rid of all the crap that is clogging up the works.

I am also not alone in my elimination diet. My friend, and accountability partner, Mandy Connell is doing an even more in depth plan (her program lasts 21 days.) We have texted each other to complain about various things but to also keep one another honest. Normally when we get together for segments on air, we drink wine or beer and eat way too much. Not so during #DryJanuary. As part of a recurring segment for #ThirstyThursdays, we will be getting together this week to try some non-alcohol “spirits,” mocktails (low in sugar), and Keto friendly snacks. I am actually pretty stoked about this…I have already tried the crackers and the two mock spirits I have (they are also low in carbs, although not carb free.)

Tomorrow will be the day I create the juices I will be using in our mocktails as well as the keto crackers. I plan to make two types…one with almond flour and the other with flour I will make from pistachios. Super excited to try these with a vegan cheese with Mandy on Wednesday while we sip on some yummy #mocktails. Be sure to tune in and see how they turn out!


Well, the juices are made and while not as sweet as when strawberries and pineapple are more in season, they will certainly do the trick. I also received my third non-alcoholic beverage which is fashioned after Campari. It’s flavor profile is intense and I am excited to try it in various mocktails.

Ghia is a Compari style non-alcohol beverage.
The green hue is thanks to some popping jalapeno flavor in this pineapple jalapeno mixer.
Mandy doesn’t like anything floating in her drinks, so I strained the purées.

Tune in today at 2pm Mountain at AM850 KOA or via iHeart. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Mocktails and Keto Crackers: The Wine Yogi’s Journey to Dry January”

  1. Everyone needs a friend like you. Triple strain my drink because you know how sensitive my palate is. That is friendship. The photos are great. Helped me understand the mix ology .

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