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21 Day Bone Broth Cleanse and Reset

So, with the New Year, I decided to do a few things to help improve my health and release the grief and holiday weight I had put on since October.

First, I joined the local YMCA. I had been a member of Orange Theory Fitness, but they continue to require masks to be worn even during cardio workouts…as an out of shape soon to be 50 year old with exercise induced asthma, this was a recipe for disaster. I am really disappointed as I enjoyed their approach to workouts. But at the Y, I can swim laps (cardio check!) and no mask (can you imagine swimming with one on??? Bleh.) The water is also a little more friendly on my hot mess of a body. I have been doing yoga daily and the physical soreness has been minimal.

Second, I started a bone broth cleanse…in conjunction with a liver and kidney detox. So, #DryJanuary is being observed (more on that later), no breads, pastas, rice, potatoes (yes, on sweet), dairy, or sugar. I have set myself a personal goal…to lose 20 pounds in 20 weeks. This seemed like a great way to jump start it. And, I was correct!

I am nearing the end of my 21 days, and while my weight loss hasn’t been miraculous (I want to keep it off, so I am totally fine with my body slowly releasing the inches, toxins, and bloat in this endeavor), it has been slow and steady…I am seeing physical results.

So, Dry January…I always like to observe a time where I limit or eliminate alcohol from my daily life. I want to make sure I am in charge of the wine instead of it being in charge of me. During the last 3 weeks, wine hasn’t been on my “miss” list. My cravings have been more around cheese, bread, and even though I don’t like super sweet stuff, sugar (I like a little in my coffee!) Now, enjoying wine goes hand in hand with cheese and bread…so, not having a glass with dinner has helped me make much better food choices. I could totally continue this, pretty easily, for the rest of the month. But we are in the process of selling our home in Alabama…a home I love, miss, and am very sad to depart with as I had hoped to one day return to it.

My husband is thrilled, on the other hand. Once it is sold, we will be essentially debt free. (So, I am happy about that, too. But I have such good memories of my beautiful home.) We are heading for a little ski getaway (I don’t ski) soon to celebrate and since there will be our own personal outdoor hot tub overlooking the mountain, we have agreed to allow a two day hiatus, you can call it a cheat day, for our healthier food choices and Dry January. I have also discovered a local rum distillery that I plan to visit (owned and operated by women) to begin to lay the ground work for a future podcast and one of my future Thirsty Thursday with The Wine Yogi segments with Mandy Connell (where we will celebrate Colorado wineries, breweries, and distilleries.) I cannot wait to tour this little gem and yes, I will try some of their rums. After the weekend of celebration and a little skiing for my guys, we will return home to lap swims, bone broth, and Dry January (which is going to carry over into February…minus two holidays there, too! But more on that in another post.)

Make sure your enjoyment of alcohol (or marijuana or your specific vice) isn’t in charge of you. If you cannot commit to at least 3 weeks without dwelling on it, obsessing over it, etc…it may be time to consider your options and perhaps seek some help. A great starting place is here:

So, enjoy the rest of January, whether it is dry or wet for you!




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