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Wine, Carboy, and Happiness with Grant Smith, host of the Taking it for Granted podcast

I recently joined Grant Smith on his podcast, “Taking it for Granted,” at one of my favorite Colorado places, Carboy Winery in Littleton, Colorado.

We chatted about all sorts of things but mostly focused on my experiences in life that maybe weren’t what I wanted to happen but I still found ways to remain happy. It is a challenge when life doesn’t go your way to find your happiness…I hope you give this podcast a listen, a like, download, and subscribe because Grant is trying to spread the word on how different folks have found their happiness. This world could use a little more happiness!

As far as wine, Carboy is a wonderful producer of both Colorado wines (as well as native grape strains THAT ARE NOT FOXY!) and wines from California (and soon, Washington). They have a lot of great things happening and have, as a small business, found their own happiness despite the lockdowns and challenges of the past year. Mandy and I met with their marketing director yesterday and I learned so much from Kevin about the history of Colorado wine and how it relates to Napa. The business model is wonderful and the wines are excellent (and I will have to devote a separate post to their in house charcuterie…PHENOMENAL!)

So, give this podcast a listen, subscribe to Grant’s podcast, offer him feedback (or shoot me some feedback), and look for those windows of happiness in your life!

Cheers and Namaste,


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