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Embracing the Pause…

In yoga, especially when exploring the breath, we often invite the notion to "notice the pause," as we breathe, whether it is the natural pause between inhalation and exhalation or if it is a pause introduced on purpose. As a mindfulness exercise, noticing how we breathe normally and then perhaps choosing to breathe in a… Continue reading Embracing the Pause…

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Colorado Wine and Cheeses: Prepare to be Surprised!

Let's explore some Colorado gems in food and wine.

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Morning Rituals

On a recent blog post, I mentioned a new habit I am trying to cultivate as part of my morning ritual...cold showers. Everyone seems to be talking about cold showers (okay, maybe not everyone but many of the people in my social circle are so I decided to give it a try.) What kind of… Continue reading Morning Rituals

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*UPDATE* Dry January and Whole 30…It’s a Healthy #ThirstyThursday!

*UPDATE* Here are some links to the #Whole30 friendly foods and specifically, the coconut aminos Mandy and I discussed. Siete Jalapeno Shrimp recipe: here. Whole 30 sauces and spices: here. Whole 30 ABC Chicken recipe: I used two cans of shredded chicken from Trader Joe's, 1 bottle of Primal Buffalo Sauce, 1 container each of… Continue reading *UPDATE* Dry January and Whole 30…It’s a Healthy #ThirstyThursday!