Balance | Unmoving | Patience

I have been tending a sick child all week. What began as a headache turned into a fever and terrible cough plus sore throat. Thankfully, the batches of homemade chicken noodle soup, tomato soup, and hot teas have finally helped little man kick this cold to the curb. So, today I got out my sage… Continue reading Balance | Unmoving | Patience


Photography Challenges, Clean Eating, and Gratitude

My photography challenge continues, with each day bringing a new prompt that offers us an inspiration to capture. It has been a really fun way to broaden my photography hobby and my hope is at the end of the year, to create a book about our lives in 2018. I have photographed water drops on… Continue reading Photography Challenges, Clean Eating, and Gratitude


Reflections and Shadows

Reflections...I am part of a group that has decided to take a photograph every day. We receive prompts to help inspire but many of the professionals in the group often go off prompt. I am certainly not a professional...and I would hazard that I am not really even a hobbyist. But, I do want to… Continue reading Reflections and Shadows