Schedule for the Final Week of “Dry January”

Well, I have done it. I am about to wrap up a 30 Day Nutritional Reset where I have also completed a #yogaeverydamnday challenge! Results? My body feels better, I am more open in the hamstrings, the spine feels better, my skin looks brighter, and my energy levels are through the roof! I sleep like… Continue reading Schedule for the Final Week of “Dry January”


Not Lost, but Roaming

I have been absent from this place for a few weeks. But, I have been present in my daily life. Our family has been to the mountains. I celebrated my 47th trip around the sun. I did some yoga. I cooked some meals. I took some pictures. I drank some wine. I did not blog.… Continue reading Not Lost, but Roaming


Reflections and Shadows

Reflections...I am part of a group that has decided to take a photograph every day. We receive prompts to help inspire but many of the professionals in the group often go off prompt. I am certainly not a professional...and I would hazard that I am not really even a hobbyist. But, I do want to… Continue reading Reflections and Shadows