What’s in my Glass?

16 August 2018

I was in a rosé kind of mood last night. This gorgeous little Beaujolais Rosé from Kermit Lynch is full of rich apple candy notes, currant, and balanced acidity on the pallet, floral softness on the nose. I absolutely loved it and wished I was having it with dinner. I would pair this with country ham or even consider pairing it with a carbonara (with pesto…wowzer, that would be good.)

Cheers and Namaste!


14 August 2018

So, we enjoyed this little funk of a jewel last night.

A very young Cab Sauv out of the Western Cape of South Africa, this Cab was pretty light in terms of color…in the bowl, it had a pale ruby color and was not quite opaque. Towards the rim, you picked up pale magenta notes.

In terms of nose, this was a eucalyptus bomb! Totally green, with hints of menthol at the very end. On the pallet, intense blackberry and subtle hints of green veg, such as celery. It was such a strange little wine and I imagine given a little more time to settle down (it was a 2017…that’s very young!), some of those odd notes would relax.

Still, a fun wine and one I hope to revisit soon!

Until then…Cheers and Namaste!